School Mental Health Part Three: Best Practices for School, Classroom and Individual Social Emotional Learning

Friday, March 19, 2021, 9:00 AM—4:00 PM
School Mental Health Part Three:
Best Practices for School, Classroom and Individual Social Emotional Learning
Fran Kuehn, LICSW

Following the day-long workshop on the subject of District and School-Wide SEL implementation strategies and practices, participants will engage in a workshop on school, classroom and individual SEL skill development addressing inter-personal and intra-personal social emotional skills. Special emphasis will be placed on enhancing educator SEL skills as a foundation to creating SEL informed School Culture and Climate.

SEL is widely recognized as a core set of skills necessary to navigate the 21st century world of work and education. As reported levels of stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise, school districts are facing the mandate to incorporate SEL skills into curricula and school-wide practices. Many schools are identifying areas of strength and opportunity to enhance SEL practices and this workshop will further that process through lecture, case studies, group practice and learning.

SEL skills are applicable to and part of treating a wide array of psychological disorders and enhance skills related to frustration tolerance, communication, self-awareness and self-regulation, impulse control and help seeking.

Following this training the participants will be able to:

  • Apply the five core competencies of SEL to educator well-being
  • Describe and demonstrate the skills related to inter-personal effectiveness, social awareness and problem solving
  • Describe and demonstrate the skills related in intra-personal awareness, self-awareness and self-regulation

Fran Kuehn, LICSW earned his MSW and M.Ed. from Boston University in 2001 and has spent 18 years as a School Social Worker at Brookline High School before accepting a position on the faculty of the School of Social Work at Salem State University. Fran has designed and implemented school and classroom SEL curricula and has led teams implementing whole-school climate and culture change to support SEL skills for Students and Educators. Fran is a Diplomate in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and has a therapy practice in Newton, MA. Fran presents on a wide variety of topics regarding schools and mental health.


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