Solution Focused Therapy

February 10 & 11, 2022, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
-$349 including CEUs
2 Part Series-Solution Focused Therapy
Susan Tohn, M.S.W., LICSW

Day One-Solution Focused Brief Therapy focuses on "change talk" not "problem talk" and is applicable to both the micro and macro levels of working with individuals, families, groups, managed behavioral healthcare organizations, and other organizations.  Solution Focused therapy is a client-centered model that assumes people have their own resources and empowers them to create and realize their own solutions. The model emphasizes strong rapport and active participation by both client and therapist. Participants will learn a variety of interactional techniques including the Miracle question, exceptions, and scaling, that will enable clients to establish and achieve their own well-formed goals. The training will challenge participants to explore their assumptions about therapy and provide them with many hands-on techniques they will be able to incorporate immediately into their work.

Following this training the participants will understand:

  • How to ask the miracle question
  • How to ask, elicit, amplify and repeat exception questions  
  • How to ask scaling questions 
  • The 13 Solution Focused assumptions

Day Two-This training will continue where part 1 left off.  Participants will learn how to utilize scaling questions to move clients toward achieving their solutions.  Participant will operationalize active and passive language depending on the client’s relationship to each goal.  Participants will learn how to create an intervention message with validations, a bridge and tasks that match the client’s view of the world.  As later sessions progress, specific questions will be used to elicit change talk or coping talk as clients move toward achieving their goals.  This client-centered, strength-based approach offers clinicians intervention questions that help clients get unstuck so that they feel empowered to make progress toward their goals.   Participants will leave the training with specific questions that they can immediately integrate into their clinical or macro practice.

Following this training the participants will understand:
  • How to ask specific scaling questions as they relate to clients’ goals.
  • How to develop an intervention message specifically designed for each client       
  • How to navigate EARS, the acronym for the outline of later sessions          
  • When to utilize active vs. passive language for many of the questions

Susan Lee Tohn, MSW, LICSW, is Co-Director of Solutions.  Ms. Tohn has worked with couples, adolescents, and families using the Solution-Focused model for over 25 years.  She has provided training for and consulted with management teams, mental health organizations, hospitals, state child welfare organizations, schools, and has presented to professional audiences both nationally and internationally. Ms. Tohn is an Associate Professor of Clinical Practice at Boston College School of Social Work.  Ms. Tohn is co-author of “Crossing the Bridge: Integrating Solution Focused Therapy into Clinical Practice” and “Solution-Focused Therapy with Mandated Clients: Cooperating with the Uncooperative,” in S. Miller, M. Hubble, & B. Duncan (Eds.), Handbook of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy


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